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World famous national rice dish cooked in a traditional cast-iron


Handmade steamed dumplings consisting of finely chopped beef, onion, spices & served with priprava


Central Asian classic, hand pulled noodles with a soupy vegetable beef Stir Fry


One of the oldest dishes in Kyrgyz cuisine. Pan-roasted meat, potatoes and onions. Your meat choice of beef, lamb or chicken


Handmade baked pastry filled with chopped onions and meat choice of beef or chicken


Deep-fried turnovers with a filling of ground meat and onions


Beef dumplings served as steamed or fried


Half-moon shaped dumplings(pierogi) filled with mashed potato served as steamed or fried


Skewered and grilled cubes of meat, similar to shish kebab

02.New york strip 12 oz
03.Filet Mignon 10 oz
04.Lamb Chops
05.Branzino boneless

Special marinated branzino served with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli

01. Honey cake

Gravity - delying layered Shortbread Dough with notes of Honey and Cream - Plombir


Traditional European Cake with Condensed Milk Cream & Crispy Puffed Pastry

03.Merengue Roulette

Gluten free Merengue with Mascarpone Pistachio Cream, Rasberry Jam, Baked Almond and Whole Pistachios

04.Pistachio Raspberry

Pistachio Merengue, Pistachio Cream, Raspberry and Whole Pistachios

05.Creme Brulee

Smooth and creamy custard topped with crisp, caramelized sugar

01.Kiwi Coctail
02.Summer Beer
03.Red Mojitos
04.Cabernet Sauvignon
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Few words about our cuisine

Central Asian & Eastern European cuisine is a tapestry of flavors, influenced by the Silk Road and shaped by centuries of cultural exchange. At our restaurant, we pride ourselves on preserving the authenticity and integrity of these time-tested recipes, ensuring that each dish is a true reflection of our gastronomic heritage.

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To be a symbol of the unity of different peoples, cultures and their gastronomic traditions. To be a link between past and present, while maintaining the authenticity of traditional cuisines. Promote healthy nutrition without additives, supporting recipes, technologies, environmentally friendly natural products, clarity and simplicity of taste sensations of national dishes.

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